To be a champion for our young people
and be a catalyst for systemic change in
our schools, communities, and cities
through a dynamic process that empowers
youth and adults to become leaders in their
own lives, and partners in service to their
own communities.


Kidzamerica believes that at the core of most of our social problems is a sense of disconnection with our youth and communities. That is why we have chosen to focus on empowering and connecting our young people to a powerful purpose in their own lives and in service to their communities.

If our nation is going to continue to provide positive influence on world affairs, we must teach our children about a different world and to appreciate the importance of their own assumption of leadership on the world stage. We cannot return to "business as usual." Our young people will be the major players in our future, and must be included in any vision of how to build that future. Let our children become the ambassadors for making a better world. So, not only can such an environment be created, it must be created…now more than ever. We consider this effort to be the job of the entire community. We believe that it can happen one community at a time.



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